Black Democrats Owe White America Reparations For The Destruction They Have Caused

Black Democrat America Needs To Stop Avoiding Accountability For Their Behavior

Black Democrats Owe White America Reparations For The Destruction They Have Caused
Protest and riot aftermath on East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN, May 2020
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I leaned about discrimination at an early age. My father was a Presbyterian minister in Mississippi and Georgia throughout my childhood. He marched in the civil rights movement in the Jim Crow South against the Democratic Party KKK. He received death threats. I still remember as a 4 year old child in Greenville, MS, wondering why there were bullets on my father’s dresser. The answer was he had to carry a gun to protect himself from the Democrat racists of the day.

There is also one day I still remember very clearly years later, when I learned early on about institutionalized reverse racism. I attended fifth grade at Hollis Hand Elementary School In LaGrange, GA. The school was integrated; black kids were bused in from other parts of town.

One day I was in class and the teacher had to leave to go to a meeting in the principal’s office. We were given work to do for an hour at our desks. At that point, three large black boys who had each failed several grades decided it was time to beat up a white kid. I was the white kid. They worked me over for almost an hour, while the other white kids cringed in horror, afraid they might be next. I distinctly remember the black boys raising a school desk chair over their heads and bringing it down on my head several times.

I don’t know how I made it home that day; I literally don’t remember. I know there was no reaction from the school. They just ignored it. I came back to my house (rode my bike in those days) beaten and bloodied .

Black Democrats Owe White America Reparations For The Destruction They Have Caused
Hollis Hand Elementary School, LaGrange, GA

My mother later came to my bedroom where I had sequestered myself and asked me what happened. I told her those ‘damn n…..s’ beat me up, replaying to her the whole episode. Her first words were, “Todd you know you can’t say that. Your father fought against that.”

That was the last I heard of the incident. My parents taught me to be colorblind. My mother loves to tell the story of me telling her I met a new friend when picking me up from school in first grade. She said, “Which one?” as she surveyed the line of kids waiting to go home. “The one in the green shirt,” I replied . She chuckled as the only black kid in line had on a green shirt.

In 1976 we moved to Savannah, GA and lived downtown, which was a mixed neighborhood. There, I was lucky enough to get a paper route to earn some money as a 12 year old. Every day I would roll up a hundred or so papers in my bag and ride my bike down Habersham St, tossing the papers onto the front porch of my customers.

I quickly learned one part of the route was dangerous, as it entered the ‘black community’. Here like clockwork, a posse of young black teenagers would start to chase me on their bikes. 20% of the time they would catch me, knock me to the ground, steal my papers, with an occasional punch to the guy or the face. I’d have to go home, pay to order more papers, and yes, roll them, and deliver to those who didn’t get them due to the theft.

I never told my parents that story, as I knew what the answer would be, but it happened regularly.

My point in telling all this is that white kids are taught early on that you can’t say anything about black Democrat behavior in the inner cities, or heck, even in Manhattan, when they mug somebody on Park Avenue. That is real institutionalize reverse racism. It pervades every sector of our society.

I want to tell the truth for once — Black Democrat America will never make any progress until they face their own failings, admit the serious problems in their own culture, and stop blaming the white man for their lot in life.

No one in America today has ever legally owned a slave. White people do not owe reparations for something they didn’t do. In fact it is the reverse, white America has paid trillions upon trillions into the black inner cities in transfer payments already, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of white men who fought and died to end slavery. If you are black and poor, you can get a free house, free food, free phone, free education. Black kids have preferential treatment over whites getting into our ‘esteemed’ (I say that tongue-in-cheek because today they are just Chinese-controlled re-education centers) educational institutions.

What black Democrat America has done to our once-great American cities is truly sickening. White America is owed reparations for the destruction that has been wrought against our country.

When are blacks on the Democratic plantation going to realize that Nancy Pelosi is just going to steal the football again after the election? Every year, it’s the same cycle. The race baiters gin up prior to November, and they don’t give a damn about black America afterwards. Democrat politicians only care about their wealth and power. They care nothing about the black community.

Answer me this? Why do Democrat leaders encourage black America to burn their own neighborhoods? It is so they can keep you under their boot. Pssst…they don’t want you successful. The only American leader who actually cares about black and Latino America is Donald J. Trump, hence the lowest unemployment rates in history for minorities prior to the ‘plandemic’.

The argument we are having today is not about anti-racism. It is about pro-Marxism. I mean my God, the Black Lives Matter leaders are avowed, self-admitted Marxists. They have convicted bomb makers on their board of directors. Cultural Marxism is all about creating envy and hate. It is classic Leninism, Maoism. In the American ‘cultural revolution’, only the Marxist leaders will get rich and be secure, they will leave the black inner cities to burn, loot and shoot each other. You can take that to the bank.

When I was in the U.S. military in the late 80s and early 90s, no one gave a damn about the color of your skin. Today, that progress is all gone. The corrupt Obama administration made sure of that. In reality, no one cares what skin color you have in a foxhole. What Obama has done to our armed forces is criminal…all by design by the way.

I can remember back during the Reagan, Clinton, Bush years, race relations were much better in America. Obama destroyed that on purpose.

I don’t give a damn about the color of your skin…I care about the content of your character, to borrow a phrase.

Blacks have more opportunity in America than most people in the entire world have in their own countries. Why do you think they are all trying to get here? Black Muslim nations own millions of slaves today as we speak. That is real oppression, but we can’t talk about that.

I was the D.C. Metro recently when a crowd of young black kids came on the train, acting loud and obnoxious, disturbing the peace of others. I couldn’t help overhear the conversation when one young black girl was talking about her ‘baby daddy’ and how he had 18 total ‘baby mommas.’ When asked by her friend if she gets child support, she replied, “No he don’t pay a thing’.

Does anyone think this is a good thing. Does anyone think this will lead to peace and prosperity for the black community? Liberalism has destroyed the black inner-city culture.

Recently I saw a young black girl in D.C. with a t-shirt that had a large rose, the symbol of socialism, and under the rose it said, “No Worries’.

Black Democrat America wants no accountability at all for their behavior. They just want free stuff, and they want to take it from you in some kind of made up racism BS.

I for one am tired of it.

This is of course not all of black America. Many have left the Democratic plantation and many more will have done so after the election. President Trump is of course encouraging them to move away from the Democratic dark side of dependency, lies, and death.

America needs to heal; we need to come together and unify against China and other threats. A second Trump term will facilitate that. A second Trump term will make all of America prosperous, free, and proud.

I look forward to that day.

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