Can You Tell Which Water Tank Will Fill Up First? If You Solve It, You May Be a Physics Genius

A lot of people are stocking up on supplies these days with all the chaos going on in the world—supplies like food, toilet paper, and perhaps MOST importantly, water.

In order to store all that water, however, you’re going to need water tanks.

Well, here is a tricky brainteaser that will get you thinking about the best way to fill up your tanks. In the puzzle below, we’ve rigged up a series of containers connected with pipes, with a faucet to fill them up with. Each tank is labeled from A to L. Can you determine which tank is going to fill up first?

Now, let’s turn on the water!

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(The Epoch Times)

Some people who tried this before have claimed the correct answer is tank K; while others claimed it is tank G. Do you agree with either of these claims?

Try to figure out the answer before the tanks fill up. When you’ve got it, scroll down to see the right answer.

Epoch Times Photo

Will tank K fill up first?

Epoch Times Photo
(The Epoch Times)


The pipe connecting tanks C and I is sealed shut, so the water bypasses tanks I and K.

How about tank G?

Epoch Times Photo
(The Epoch Times)

No, again.

The water level of tank B will not rise higher than the opening connecting to tank H. The water will not rise high enough to enter tank A, nor will it reach tank G.


Epoch Times Photo
(The Epoch Times)

The correct answer is tank L!

The water will spill from tank B all the way down to the bottom pipe before the water level begins to rise again. However, tank F is sealed off, but it will enter tank L, as well as tank H.

But the water level will reach the top of tank L BEFORE reaching the top of tank H. So, following the laws of physics, that will be the first tank to fill up.

Did you get the right answer? If so, you’re probably mentally prepared for whatever crisis comes your way. So, stay safe!

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