GA Election Expert Garland Favorito Puts Election Committee On Notice For Future Election Fraud

Georgia Election Reform: Changing The Law Is Necessary -- But Not Sufficient

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GA Election expert Garland Favorito, of, has put the GA Legislature on notice as to requirements to prevent future election fraud. GA politicians have been historically repelled by doing what is actually needed to prevent election fraud in the Peach State. Below is a reader comment by an attendee of a recent Dekalb County GOP breakfast, posted on a recent article of ours.

Brad Carver’s committee with Ga House Affairs put together a list of sound suggestions for restoring election integrity. Getting rid of Dominion was on that list. Yesterday at GOP breakfast meeting in Dekalb County, they spoke to every topic related to election integrity except for dumping Dominion. When we asked about it, he said Dominion isn’t going anywhere. That was an unfortunate response, now we know our vote will never count. I have tried to hang in there with the GOP, but we need to either hijack it or destroy it. They are empty suits.

Below is Favorito’s email to GA Special Election Committee members:

Immediate Ballot, Image and Voting System Transparency Needs

Special Election Committee Members,

If you are serious about detecting and preventing election fraud you must make Georgia elections transparent. Specifically, this means:

  1. Make Ballots publicly available (per 2019 VoterGA SAFE Voting Commission recommendations)
  1. Make Ballot images publicly available (per 2019 VoterGA SAFE Commission recommendations) (SOS legal counsel claim of AG issuing an opinion that ballot images should not be public is false)
  2. Require counties to allow their election management system to be imaged upon demand for independent forensic exams (this requires only an hour to copy the server for forensic exam and does not impact election processing in any way)

See my letter to the committee for more information on why these three steps are the ones that are most necessary at this time:

general-assembly-legislative-objectives.pdf (


Garland Favorito


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