Proposed Georgia Law Would Bar Private Funding Of Elections In The State

Curiously, GA Is One Of The Few States Without A ‘Miscellaneous Receipts Statute’ Requiring Public Funds For Elections

Why Won’t Georgia Legislature Investigate 2020 General Election Anomalies?
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It’s called a “miscellaneous receipts statute”. Most states have them already — all funding must be received and allocated by the Legislature. Only real banana-republic states, like Georgia, would not have a miscellaneous receipts law and would have a hard time getting it in….

A law in the Georgia state legislature would prohibit election officials from accepting private funding to administer their elections, a proposal that comes after 2020 saw hundreds of millions of dollars in private funding go toward local election administration around the country. 

The law, HB62, would “prohibit boards of elections, boards of elections and registration, local election superintendents, and county boards of registrars from accepting or expending private funds.”

It would stipulate that those officials “can only accept lawful appropriations of public funds or authorized fees; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”

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