Calgary quietly removes “Bell Let’s Talk” flag from war memorial

The City of Calgary quietly lowered and replaced a “Bell Let’s Talk” flag after locals expressed outrage over it flying in front of a national war memorial in place of the traditional Canadian flag.

Chinese Regime Targets Calgary Mayor, Other Officials for Influence Purposes: Leaked Document

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a number of Calgary city officials, academics, and a now-former mayor of St. John’s are all on a list of targets that Chinese officials hope to influence to further the Chinese regime’s interests. The list, disclosed in a leaked government document that was recently obtained by The Epoch Times, reveals names […]

Calls From Around the World Mount to End Religious Persecution in China

Falun Gong practitioners from more than a dozen countries around the world—many of whom are survivors themselves—held vigils and rallies over the past weekend in a joint call to stop the Chinese regime’s decades-long suppression campaign targeting their faith. “It doesn’t matter that it’s thousands of kilometers across the sea,” said Australian Sen. Janet Rice […]

Plan Afoot to Erect Statue of Churchill in Calgary

Amid the attempts to revise Winston Churchill’s legacy and recast him as a monstrous figure, an organization in Calgary is forging ahead with a plan to erect a statue of Britain’s wartime prime minister in the city next year. Churchill visited Alberta in 1929, and while Edmonton honoured him with a statue and a downtown […]