China Threatens ‘Health And Safety’ Of Canadians If Justin Trudeau Helps Hong Kong Refugees

China Threatens ‘Health And Safety’ Of Canadians If Justin Trudeau Helps Hong Kong Refugees.
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Harvest Time: A Tradition of Generations

Farmers across Canada are busy with harvest in an annual tradition that spans generations. Strong ties to the land and the draw of rural life help them face constant changes in weather, markets, and technology. Douglas Davidson’s farm is an hour’s drive south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and north of Val Marie. He began farming […]

Chinese Regime Targets Calgary Mayor, Other Officials for Influence Purposes: Leaked Document

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, a number of Calgary city officials, academics, and a now-former mayor of St. John’s are all on a list of targets that Chinese officials hope to influence to further the Chinese regime’s interests. The list, disclosed in a leaked government document that was recently obtained by The Epoch Times, reveals names […]

Amazon to Open Fulfilment Centres in Hamilton and Ajax, Promise to Create 2,500 Jobs

Amazon says it will open two new fulfilment centres in southern Ontario and create more than 2,500 jobs by 2021. The Seattle e-commerce giant announced on Wednesday it plans to open one fulfilment centre in Hamilton, Ont. and another centre in Ajax, Ont by 2021, and promises good prospects to job seekers. “We look forward […]

Canada’s Feds Hint at Big Spending in Upcoming Throne Speech Despite Massive Deficits

The buzz is that Trudeau is planning massive spending increases to be announced in his Sept. 23 throne speech with the support of his new finance minister.

WWII: How an Error Turned the Tide During the Battle of Britain

Commentary Eighty years ago this month one of the great turning points of the Second World War took place, one that saved the radar and airfield defences of an England on the brink of invasion. With the fall of France in June 1940, nothing but the English Channel stood between Hitler’s blitzkrieg and British soil. […]

Watershed Moment Looming for Chinese Regime, Says Victims of Communism Advocate

Much like Chernobyl was a watershed moment spelling the demise of the Soviet Union, COVID-19 has pushed the Chinese Communist Party onto a similar path of no return, says the chair of the group spearheading Ottawa’s soon-to-be-built Memorial to Victims of Communism. Polish-born Ludwik Klimkowski, chair of Tribute to Liberty, said he sees parallels in […]

‘Ghost Guns’: Alberta Man Charged for Allegedly Printing 3D Firearms Parts

An Alberta man has been charged for allegedly printing 3D firearms parts, in a case that law enforcement officials believe to be the first of its kind in the province. Dan Forsyth, a 53 year-old resident of Picture Butte in southern Alberta, was arrested on Aug. 18 and subsequently charged with allegedly using 3D printers […]

Telus Called to Task by Ad Watchdog for Claim High Canadian Wireless Prices Are a ‘Myth’

A regulator for Canadian advertising industry standards has found that an ad campaign by Telus claiming high wireless prices in Canada are a “myth” is misleading. Telus’s full-page newspaper advertisement, published in Quebec, states: “It’s a myth that Canadians pay some of the highest wireless prices in the world.” Ad Standards, however, says the ad […]

Canadian University Endowments Risk Investing in Blacklisted Chinese Companies

News Analysis The U.S. government sent a plea to universities to pull their endowment investments out of companies implicated in human rights abuses or that could threaten U.S. national security. This weighty, whole-of-federal-government approach to overseeing educational institutions isn’t found in Canada, though the same issue exists.  “I urge you to divest from companies that […]