Lost WWII German Warship Discovered on Seabed 80 Years After Torpedo Attack Sank It

A German warship sunk by a torpedo during World War II has been found on the seabed off Norway more than eight decades after it was attacked. Statnett, the Norwegian state-owned power grid operator, made the astounding discovery of the lost Karlsruhe cruiser around 1,600 feet (488 meters) below sea level. The vessel, which measures […]

One-Year-Old Pup That Weighs 110 lb Is Mistaken for a Bear on Her Walks in the Forests

There are hundreds of dog breeds around the world, and each has its own unique characteristics and personalities. Meanwhile, there are some that have a strong resemblance to wild animals. One large pet dog in Norway has been constantly mistaken for a bear, claims its owner. Runny, a 1-year-old Leonberger, who stays with her owner, […]

Wisconsin Farmer Has Planted Over 2 Million Sunflowers to Provide a Respite Amid Pandemic

Everyone could use a little sunshine in their life right now, so a Wisconsin farmer decided that’s what he was going to do, and planted more than 2 million sunflowers in his fields. Scott Thompson’s family has been farming in Kenosha County for more than 70 years, and this is the first year that flowers […]

Tragic Photos Show an Elephant Wading Through a Pile of Plastic Trash in Search for Food

A series of heartbreaking images of a hungry elephant rummaging through piles of trash has shed light on the harsh reality of the world’s plastic pollution crisis. The set of tragic pictures that were snapped by a sports photojournalist, Pranab Das, in West Bengal, a state in eastern India, shows the majestic animal amid plastic […]

Man Starts Free Lawn-Mowing Service for Seniors After Losing His Job to COVID-19

When a Wayne, New Jersey, man lost his job amid lockdown, he decided not to let the crisis get the best of him. Brian Schwartz, 39, worked hard as a New York City digital advertising executive, so hard his wife would often pull him away from his computer. Although his life was upended after losing his […]

Community Donates Clothes, Supplies to 39 Kids Rescued From Trafficking by US Marshals

After a successful rescue operation conducted by Georgia’s U.S. Marshals, donations are pouring in to help the 39 missing kids who were found with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The local community has joined in to offer supplies to help them get back on their feet. “We have four children of our own,” […]

Test Run for 9/11 ‘Tribute in Light’ Illuminates Manhattan Skyline After Near-Cancellation

New York’s poignant “Tribute in Light” ceremony has undergone a test run one week before the 19th anniversary of 9/11. Twin blue beams illuminated the lower Manhattan skyline in a preview of the Sept. 11 memorial and was a comforting sight for many New Yorkers. The city had previously been informed that the 2020 tribute would […]

US Marshals Recover 8 ‘Highly Endangered Missing Children’ in Indianapolis Area

A U.S. Marshals Service operation dubbed “Homecoming” successfully rescued eight missing children aged 6 to 17 years old in the Indianapolis area last week. “The message that we wish to convey to the missing children and their families is that we will use every resource at our disposal to find you,” Dan McLain of USMS […]

‘Don’t Call Police ‘Abusive Monsters’’: Son of Fallen Cop Pleads for Understanding in Op-Ed

In a country stoked by the video showing the death of George Floyd, a climate inundated with anti-police rhetoric and calls to “defund the police” has taken its toll on the families of law enforcement officers. In particular, the families of officers who have fallen in the line of duty are impacted by the way […]

Kentucky Driver Failed to Fool Police Officers With Hand-Drawn License Plate

A Kentucky driver’s DIY license plate didn’t quite fool the police. Millersburg Police Department officers conducted a traffic stop on Sept. 2 after spotting a license plate that seemed a bit out of place, officials said. From a distance, the homemade license plate looked somewhat like the real deal. Although marker strokes are visible, its […]