Resilient Man Who Was Once on a Wheelchair Defies the Odds to Become a Fitness Instructor

There are truly no limitations to what we can achieve, and all constraints lie only within our minds. This story just proves that. Hailing from Gateshead, in Tyne and Wear, the UK, Zachary Jones was diagnosed with a rare hip condition in his childhood. The youngster was told by medics that he wouldn’t be able […]

Resentful Husband Shares Life Lesson: Dads Who Get Up in the Night Don’t Deserve Praise

Oregon-based writer Clint Edwards is a father of three who learned a humbling parenting lesson and decided to share it with the world. Dads don’t deserve praise for helping out at home, he says. Many modern families blur traditional gender roles in favor of catering to each parent’s skills and responsibilities. Some dads give up […]

Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Out Boating Saves 3 People’s Lives After ATV Crashes Into Delta

Three Stockton residents are lucky to be alive after their ATV flipped over an embankment and landed in a river in California. Fortunately, an off-duty Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy, who was boating on the river, stumbled upon the trio, who were trapped and injured. According to officials, they might not have survived otherwise. On July […]

Bus Driver Who Ate Over 8,000 Calories a Day Was Furloughed for Being Obese, Sheds 80 lb

When Carl Harding, an obese driver, was furloughed by his employer for being considered in the “high-risk” category due to Covid-19, he decided to turn things around. Within seven weeks, he not only went back to his job but managed to shed almost 6 stone (approx. 38 kg). The 55-year-old, from Caster-on-Sea, Norfolk, who works […]

Oldest Living Marine Corps Veteran Rings in 105th Birthday With Drive-By Salute

Major Bill White, from Stockton, California, who served in World War II, has become the oldest surviving U.S. Corps Marine veteran after he ringed in his 105th birthday. According to CBS Sacramento, when asked how he felt on his big day, July 31, the centenarian replied with glee, “Feels just as good as it did […]

Mom With 2 Autistic Kids Talks Frankly About Her Anger, Grief, and Gratitude

Stephanie Hanrahan is a parent of two children, and both of them are autistic. Raising her daughter, Campbell, and her son, Eli, has been a rocky road, and their unique needs have transformed Stephanie from the inside. Grief has turned into gratitude. And now, the loving mom wants to share the implements of that shift […]

African Farmer Unearths Giant Violet-Blue Tanzanite Gemstone Worth Millions … Again!

A Tanzanian cattle farmer became an overnight millionaire in June after finding two giant gemstones. One month later, his company found another. The fortunate fellow, 52-year-old Saniniu Laizer, runs a small-scale mining company, and he sold two of the country’s largest-ever tanzanite gemstones for $3.3 million. This third one, discovered in July, weighed 14 pounds […]

Fearless Senior Yorkshire Terrier Takes Bite From Pygmy Rattlesnake to Protect Owners on Hike

An 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Bear, in South Dakota, has truly lived up to the title “man’s best friend.” While hiking with their dog in late July, married couple Devin and Alex Diede walked right into the path of a pygmy rattlesnake crossing the Centennial Trail near Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills mountains. As […]

Every NHL Player Stood for National Anthem During Season Restart, but 4 Kneel This Week

Most NHL players are charting a different course from other professional sports, the NBA, MLB, and NFL, which have embraced kneeling in support of “Black Lives Matter” and social justice. Most players on the ice have chosen to stand, but not all. On the ice, not one player knelt for the anthem during the League’s […]

Grandma Plays ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on a Piano Surrounded by Rubble From the Beirut Explosion

Chaos would be an understatement to describe the scene at May Abboud Melki’s house in Beirut on the evening of Aug. 5. Furniture was strewn about, the walls were punctured with holes, and glass and debris were all over the floor. However for a few minutes, the world paused and things seemed peaceful as the […]