“I don’t think Canada can stand by this at all”: economist urges action on Keystone XL cancellation

“This is actually a very serious issue and it needs to be dealt with,” University of Calgary professor of economics Jack Mintz said at a panel discussion event held by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute on Tuesday.

Jason Kenney invited to testify on Gen. Vance sexual misconduct allegations

The House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence voted in favour of a motion to invite Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to testify on the sexual misconduct allegations made against retired Canadian Forces Gen. Jonathan Vance.

Kenney expresses “profound disappointment” with Trudeau’s response to Keystone cancellation

“I am writing to you to express my profound disappointment on the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and the lack of a federal response to our repeated requests for your personal intervention with the incoming Administration,” Kenney wrote.

Kenney says he’s the only premier to consider impact of pandemic restrictions on civil liberties

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he’s the only leader of government in Canada to keep a focus on rights and freedoms while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a year-end interview with True North’s Andrew Lawton, Kenney lauded Alberta’s pandemic response, which views shutting down businesses as a “last resort” rather than a panacea. “I’ve been […]

Hard Work and a System That Rewards It: Canada’s First Black Justice Minister on His New Appointment

When he first came to Edmonton from his native Nigeria in 2005 and was struggling to support his family by washing dishes, Kaycee Madu would never have dreamt that one day he’d be appointed to one of the most important cabinet posts in his adopted province of Alberta. But he has come to realize since […]

Tearing-Down of John A. Macdonald Statue Condemned by Politicians

A number of municipal, provincial, and federal politicians have spoken out against the toppling of Sir John A. Macdonald’s statue by activists in Montreal this past weekend. “Whatever one might think of John A. Macdonald, destroying a monument in this way is unacceptable,” Quebec Premier François Legault said on Twitter. “We must fight racism, but […]