Killing of Trump Supporter May Have Been Politically Motivated

One of the last people to speak with Bernell Trammell, the President Donald Trump supporter who was shot dead last month, says he’s not sure whether the killing was politically motivated. The support of Trump might “make him a target, especially where he was that in the area,” writer Adebisi Agoro told The Epoch Times. “That’s […]

Chinese Soldiers Used ‘Nail-Studded Rods’ to Kill Indian Soldiers, Including Military Officer: Veterans

Indian veterans have accused China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of “barbarism” and of violating protocols by using crude weapons against unarmed Indian soldiers, after 20 were killed on the inhospitable terrain of the Galwan Valley in Ladakh on the night of June 15. “Our people do not carry any sticks or any kind of such […]