NASA Shares Incredible Image of Jupiter’s Polar Cyclones That Looks Like ‘Pepperoni Pizza’

NASA’s Juno space probe is on a multi-year mission to explore the origins and evolution of the gas giant Jupiter—it’s serious science. But Instagrammers have shared some rather unserious observations of Juno’s highly detailed infrared images, posted on the space agency’s Instagram page. You could say their observations are way out to lunch—but actually, out […]

Teacher’s Social Media Prank Shocks 6th-Graders From Posting Topless Pics on Facebook

When a 6th-grade teacher learned that her 12-year-old students were posting topless photos on social media, she resisted a direct intervention. Instead, she came up with a smart way to prove to her students how quickly a picture can spread online, and how one compromising photo could impact their lives for years to come. Melissa […]

WWII US Navy Vet From Georgia Celebrates 100th Birthday

He’s lived a long, inspiring life. And today, Mr. James Davis, a WWII veteran from Conyers, Georgia, turns 100 years old! Among the many things he’s done during his long life, Davis has served in the U.S. Navy, traveled around the world, and was even hired as a personal assistant to former president Lyndon B. […]

Meet the Gorgeous Resplendent Quetzal, One of the World’s Most Beautiful Birds

Dressed in stunning glittering emerald-green plumage with a deep red breast, the Resplendent Quetzal is known for its extraordinary beauty and is considered a sacred symbol in the Mayan culture as well as for the Aztecs. The Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) inhabits the montane cloud forest from southern Mexico to western Panama, where it is […]

Justin Bieber Gets Baptized With Wife Hailey, Calls It ‘One of Most Special Moments of My Life’

Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber has been increasingly vocal about his Christian faith. He recently took to Instagram with his wife, Hailey, to show the world how much he means it. “The moment @haileybieber my wife and I got baptized together!” he writes next to a photo series of himself and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, performing the […]

Man Helps Farmers to Deliver 3 Million Pounds of Unsold Produce to Food Banks

George Ahearn, who grew up in the farming town of Othello, Washington, co-founded EastWest Food Rescue after learning that COVID-19 was costing local farmers so much business that they were willing to destroy their crops. His nonprofit has since moved 3 million pounds of produce from farms in eastern Washington to the western part of […]

Simple, Vibrant, Vegetarian Feasts

In the heat of summer, when mangoes are in season, cookbook author Chetna Makan chops up the raw green fruit to make a refreshing, if unexpected, salad.  She tosses the tart, crisp flesh with handfuls of red onion, cucumber, carrot, and soaked lentils, which are softened until they retain just a whisper of a crunch. […]

Heartbreaking Photo Shows Kangaroo Buck Grieving Over Mate Killed by Speeding Car

A photo of a male kangaroo grieving over the body of his mate is going viral and touching the hearts of netizens all over the internet. After the doe was struck by a car in Melbourne, Australia, the buck’s grief-stricken expression is prompting many people to ponder human interactions with wildlife and ways we can further […]

Two Beluga Whales Finally Reach the Sea After Epic Journey From Years in Captivity

Rehoming animals can be a delicate issue even during the best of times. Rehoming two whales on a new continent during a global pandemic is about as hard as it gets. Nevertheless, a pair of belugas, named Little Grey and Little White, are enjoying their first taste of the sea since 2011 thanks to a […]