Resilient Man Who Was Once on a Wheelchair Defies the Odds to Become a Fitness Instructor

There are truly no limitations to what we can achieve, and all constraints lie only within our minds. This story just proves that. Hailing from Gateshead, in Tyne and Wear, the UK, Zachary Jones was diagnosed with a rare hip condition in his childhood. The youngster was told by medics that he wouldn’t be able […]

Resentful Husband Shares Life Lesson: Dads Who Get Up in the Night Don’t Deserve Praise

Oregon-based writer Clint Edwards is a father of three who learned a humbling parenting lesson and decided to share it with the world. Dads don’t deserve praise for helping out at home, he says. Many modern families blur traditional gender roles in favor of catering to each parent’s skills and responsibilities. Some dads give up […]

Bus Driver Who Ate Over 8,000 Calories a Day Was Furloughed for Being Obese, Sheds 80 lb

When Carl Harding, an obese driver, was furloughed by his employer for being considered in the “high-risk” category due to Covid-19, he decided to turn things around. Within seven weeks, he not only went back to his job but managed to shed almost 6 stone (approx. 38 kg). The 55-year-old, from Caster-on-Sea, Norfolk, who works […]

Kindhearted California Woman Raises Over $85,000 for 94-Year-Old Street Vendor

A kindhearted Californian has completely transformed the life of a 94-year-old wheelchair-bound man she found selling street food in a parking lot. After learning of the man’s hand-to-mouth existence selling tamales to passersby, Kenia Barragan immediately went home and launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe that pulled in $84,000 in just a week. By the […]

Girl Born With Rare Heart Defect Survives Two Major Surgeries, Is All Set to Turn 3 Years Old

When a mom from Sutton Park, Hull, was advised by medics to terminate her pregnancy on six different occasions because her daughter was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, she refused. Now, the brave toddler, who has defied all odds after two open-heart surgeries, is all set to turn 3. Lacey-Janet Ambler was born in […]

Personal Trainer Goes on Runs With American Flag to Raise Awareness of Veteran Suicide

A fitness trainer from Illinois started carrying an American flag during his daily runs through Lake County Forest Preserves. Although Mark Palmieri, 36, has never served in the military, he knows many who have, including his best friend, whom he saw struggle after he returned state-side from deployment. That spurred Palmieri to play a greater […]

US Marine Fighter Pilot Breaks Military Record Logging 1,000 Hours in F-35 Lightning II

A U.S. Marine Corps pilot has gone down on record as the first military pilot to log 1,000 flight hours in an F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft. Lt. Col. Brian W. Bann logged his 1,000th flight hour during a delivery mission to Marine Aircraft Group 13 at Yuma, Arizona’s Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), on Dec. […]

NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Stands for National Anthem, Says With Faith ‘There’s Grace for Us’

Basketball forward Jonathan Isaac has caused a stir by deciding neither to kneel nor to wear a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt during the pregame National Anthem last week. He is the first NBA player to make this stand. Isaac, who plays number one for the Orlando Magic, was pictured standing and wearing his team jersey […]

Pilot Born Without Arms Flies Plane With Her Feet, Lives the Motto: ‘Never Give Up’

Jessica Cox flies an airplane with her feet. Although she may have been born without arms, Jessica didn’t allow her difference defeat her, but instead, she flew in the face of societal expectations and achieved her pilot’s license. Today, the 37-year-old pilot inspires others—especially the next generation of ambitious young women—with an empowering story and […]