Can You Tell Which Water Tank Will Fill Up First? If You Solve It, You May Be a Physics Genius

A lot of people are stocking up on supplies these days with all the chaos going on in the world—supplies like food, toilet paper, and perhaps MOST importantly, water. In order to store all that water, however, you’re going to need water tanks. Well, here is a tricky brainteaser that will get you thinking about […]

Can You Read This Hand-Sign Riddle? The Secret Message Reveals Something About You

It might look like the hearing-impaired would have the upper hand (pun intended) in solving this hand-sign riddle, but what you’re looking at in this illustration is not actually sign language. However, if you’re a “right-brained” person—which means you’re more artistically minded—you might have an edge in deciphering the coded message below. Those whose brains […]

Test Your Logic: Can You Figure Out Which Switch Operates the Light Bulb in This Riddle?

In order to solve this puzzling riddle, you will have to think logically. Not everyone can figure it out. Can you? In a house, there is a room with a light bulb inside. The door is closed, and you are outside the room. There are three switches outside the room. Only one of them operates […]

Make the Three Matchsticks Into Six Without Breaking Them–Most People Fail This

It’s a fact of life that many people today are so attached to their handheld devices they literally can’t look up for more than a few seconds without twiddling away online. You might wonder what on earth we did before smartphones (well, what did you do?). In the days before televisions and computers, people had […]

Can You Rearrange the Letters to Spell Just One Word?–Test If You’re a Scrabble Expert

Here is a brainteaser to confound all those Scrabble players out there who are adept at forming words out of jumbles of random letters! But, like in all brainteasers, there’s a little twist in this puzzle that will require you to leave your comfort zone, so be sure to pay extra attention. Here’s the puzzle: […]

Only the Smartest People Can Figure Out This Tricky Logic Puzzle Without Looking at the Answer

Are you a puzzle pro? Test your mental prowess with this fun logic-based riddle and see if you can work it out without peeking at the solution! Two Brothers, One Conundrum: When a boy turned 4 years old, his younger brother was half his age. Try to figure out the age of the first boy’s […]

Can You Find the 5 Hidden Words in This Random-Letter Puzzle? Expert Puzzlers Only

During these days of self-isolation, word-search puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku may be the only consolation for those who are stuck at home with literally nothing to do. This tricky trio of word-search puzzles is tailored for that very purpose. Rumor has it that only expert puzzlers have what it takes to solve all three in succession, […]

Can You Spot 5 Differences in This Cartoon of a Monkey Riding a Bicycle? Experts Only

If you’ve ever felt nostalgic about reading the cartoon sections of newspapers, like many of us used to back in the day, I can assure you, you’re not alone. Alongside funny page staples, Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield, and B.C., you may recall those sneaky “spot-the-difference” pictorial puzzles—two seeming-identical drawings side by side with a number […]

You’re Probably a Genius If You Can Find the Odd One Out in 10 Seconds or Less

Are you in need of a little pick-me-up today? Take a break from your to-do list and challenge yourself to replenish your mental reserves. Rumor has it that not many people are able to solve this odd-one-out puzzle in less than 10 seconds. Would you care to give it a try? At first glance, the […]

Can You Find the Odd Letters in the Sea of Xs? If You Find Them All, You May Be a Genius

It’s been scientifically proven that playing games and puzzles sharpens your mind. It’s known that crossword puzzles can boost memory and stave off dementia, according to some studies; meanwhile, games can also sharpen your IQ. Beyond that, puzzles like this one are fun diversions to perk you up on your coffee break, or if you’re […]