Debbie Aldrich With John Rossomando – Why Arms Control With China Is A Must

Debbie Aldrich With John Rossomando – Why Arms Control With China Is A Must..
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Philippines Protests China’s ‘Illicit’ Warnings, Coast Guard Conduct

MANILA—The Philippines has lodged a diplomatic protest over what it said was China’s illegal confiscation of fish aggregating devices from Filipino fisherman in a disputed lagoon held by Beijing in the South China Sea. The Philippine foreign ministry said the incident happened three months ago at the Scarborough Shoal, a prime fishing site seized by […]

Australia Rejects Beijing’s Claims to South China Sea, Joining US

Australia has formally declared that China’s major maritime claims in the South China Sea have “no legal basis” and are invalid. The move comes after the United States formally rejected Beijing’s claims to the South China Sea earlier this month. The Australian government said in a declaration filed at the United Nations in New York that it rejects […]

Pacific Exercises At Record Levels But US ‘Not In Search of Conflict’: Esper

The Navy is “not in search of conflict” as it continues Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea at a record pace, according to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who said he hopes to visit his counterpart in China by the end of the year. In his speech on July 22, Esper outlined the […]

US Holds Naval Exercises With Allies in Asia Amid China Tension

The United States is conducting two military exercises in Asian waters this week involving allies Japan, Australia and India.

World Powers Unite Against Threat From the Chinese Communist Party: Pompeo

The U.S. effort to build a coalition to counter the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is building momentum as more countries become aware that their security and sovereignty are in peril if influence from authoritarian regimes is not curbed. The United States has done a lot to “demonstrate to the world the threat […]

US Aircraft Carriers Return to South China Sea Amid Rising Tensions

For the second time in two weeks, the United States has deployed two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea

Morrison Government at the ‘Forefront’ of Countering Beijing’s Unrestricted Warfare: Expert

The Australian prime minister, since banning Huawei from involvement in the country’s 5G network in 2018, has been actively countering Beijing’s unrestricted warfare operations, according to an expert in international law, conflicts, cyberwarfare, human rights, and terrorism. The federal government has launched investigations into foreign interference and is ramping up its cyber capabilities and military […]