We’re At War With Communist China And Their Globalist DNC, Media Sympathizers…The Sooner We Admit It, The Better

China Has Made Christianity A Main Target For Suprression, So Have Democrats...See A Pattern Here?

“This is the crisis of my lifetime,” Soros said. “Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary.”

George Soros May 11, 2020

Russia Hoax. Impeachment sham. Chinese coronavirus pandemic. None of it worked…so what do we get now?

Orange Man Bad! So race riots fueled by ANTIFA terrorists nationwide, continuing the economic carnage caused by the needless lockdowns, still pushed by Democratic politicians.

But it’s just about race! say the #BlackLivesMatter crowd. Such useful idiots.

If it was just about race why were pallets of bricks conveniently place in cities around the country to break windows? Why are most of the radicals white? Why were most from across state lines?

What you are seeing today has been long planned. It is coordinated, backed, and fueled by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) money and influence which has invaded our education system, government and security services. This globalist terror is behind the ANTIFA attacks.

Sure, there are a lot of what Lenin called his ‘useful idiots’ who believe the race baiting. These will be the idiots lined up at the wall first by the Chicoms to be shot. Agitators with experience will not be wanted when Xi conquers America. This has all happened before, just read about the Cultural Revolution or the Bolshevik terror.

The simple fact is, with Trump in charge, CCP power collapses. They cannot let this happen.

So, we are at war…information wise, propaganda wise, and biologically.

None of this is just a coincidence.

What worries me is what will they do after the race war fails?

And it will fail, patriotic Americans are rising. They can see through the B.S.

The next phase could be kinetic.

It’s time the Trump administration admitted to the American public what is really going on.

We have a fifth column of traitors in America. They are in the media. They are in government. They have co-opted our security services. They are in your child’s classroom, filling their heads with communist mush.

#BlackLivesMatter is nothing more than the stoking of class envy, a classic Bolshevik tactic. It is cultural Marxism.

And, we are at war with this globalist (another word for communism) force. The sooner we admit it to ourselves, the better we will be. Only then can we deal with it properly.

I know what side I’m on.

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