Biden Administration Is Doing To Trump Supporters What China Does To Uighurs

Will They Force Your Wife To Sleep With A Communist Next?

Biden Administration Is Doing To Trump Supporters What China Does To Uighurs
Uighur Muslim minority in concentration camp in China

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Most of the world is now aware of the genocide happening in China against the Muslim Uighur minority. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has interned millions of these people in concentration camps where their human rights are violated, they are raped, tortured, re-educated, and murdered.

China famously takes medical information from political prisoners and harvests their organs while still alive to sell on the black market to support their robust organ transplant tourism.

Another diabolical policy instituted by the CCP against these people is to force their wives to sleep with CCP members while their husbands are in prison, to dilute the Uighur bloodline and complete the purge to the dustbin of genetic history. Forced abortions are also common.

This behavior is right up there with the best of Nazi repression, but the American Left, the Deep State, and their globalist corporations are all fine with that. “It’s part of their culture”, says Joe Biden, who is completely compromised by Beijing.

Now let’s look at what the illegitimate Biden regime is currently doing to supporters of President Trump.

People that went to the Capitol on January 6th are being rounded up and held without bail.

Chansley had traveled to Washington with others and had a large online following, and there would be no guarantee that he wouldn’t continue pushing his false claims about election fraud once released, declared Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Paschall, reported The Gateway Pundit.

Trump supporters around the country are receiving visits from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in a campaign of intimidation.

Trump supporters are having their Global Entry, TSA PreCheck revoked and enduring lengthy searches upon re-entering the United States.

A massive information operation is underway by the corporate media and Leftist mouthpieces in Congress and elsewhere in government to label Trump supporters ‘domestic terrorists’.

Book burnings are being held for Western iconic literature.

‘Progressive’ talking heads have advocated taking children from Trump supporters and putting them in re-education camps.

Statutes of our history are being toppled. Western literature is being cancelled from universities, and on, and on, and on. We’ve all seen it. The slander is complete.

Who knows what is next, but we can guess – a Kristallnacht for supporter of the American way of life and 45 may be imminent. This has all been long planned by those behind the scenes, Barack Obama and his minions.

Will they also make your wife sleep with a communist?

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