DC Mayor Proposes Removal of Washington Monument, Others

Muriel Bowser. Image: YouTube

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser today proposed to “remove, relocate, or contextualize” some of the nation’s most iconic and enduring monuments. Included on the list are the Washington Monument, the completion of which was famously interrupted by the Civil War, and the Jefferson Memorial, one of the most popular destinations on the National Mall.

The mayor enjoys her time in the spotlight.

Bowser, 48, was recently pilloried for failing to assign enough of a police presence for the closing night of the Republican National Convention, leading to the harassment of congresspeople and other dignitaries, and a physical altercation targeting Senator Rand Paul.

In June, Bowser made headlines by approving a giant “Black Lives Matter” mural on 16th Street in the Capitol, and renaming the street “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

Her proposal can be viewed variously. If one takes Bowser at her word, she is lobbying for an erasure of American history heretofore unseen. This is either the equivalent of a hissy fit, an angry scream at the sky as she sees more Americans waking up to the false front that is BLM and their deep ties to Democratic leadership. Or, the “removal” part is a bluff, and what she really wants is a compromise.

“Relocation” is all but impossible, and then what would be the use of the National Mall? No, Bowser’s intent is to get the least of her aims: “contextualize” the monuments and memorials. An interactive “anti-racism” kiosk, say, and plaques erected to deride the former presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson, proud patriots Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, Francis Newlands, and Albert Pike, and famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

Image: YouTube

Along with her BLM mural, Bowser wants to vandalize our Capitol with defamatory messages and amendments because she rejects the norms of the lives and times of its founders. She projects her radical hatred back over the decades and centuries, seemingly ignorant of the long arc of American improvement, of growth, of relentless optimism that defines the United States.

She will not succeed in removing any monuments, but if Bowser is not met with righteous opposition, she may well succeed in removing some of the Capitol’s dignity with what amounts to the actions of a rioter with a spray can.

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