FYI: COVID Is Over…Furious WHO: No! Virus “Airborne,” Travels 30 Feet!

COVID has wiiiings! Image: YouTube

Mainstream media is shredding what little is left of its credibility in the fight to keep COVID-19 panic alive. In new revelations today, a group of 239 doctors shared modeling with the World Health Organization (WHO) claiming the virus can remain airborne “for hours.”

Six months into the pandemic, and now the legitimate research is coming out? Or does this ugly panic herald the end of the illogical spew from doctors and other scientists now accustomed to the sway and prestige of their platform? The data are straightforward: deaths are down globally and nationally.

Yesterday, 3,368 people died globally from the virus.


In the US, the number was 244.

The threat is OVER.

B-b-b-but the new case surge!

Nonsense. The “surge” began over two weeks ago. Deaths continue to fall. So media outlets like CBS have dutifully picked up the latest story from the disgraced WHO and run with it. The virus is “airborne” now, they claim, breathless behind their masks.

Let’s break this down. What does this new claim mean?

The previous guidelines: six feet apart, wear a mask. Now…the virus has mutated…and a sneeze from someone further than an NBA 3-point shot will find its way into your body. We knew the spin was going to be desperate from mainstream news, but this is absurd.

Even the anchors selling the “news” seem disinterested. Watch the clip below. COVID was “airborne” before, but now its range is magically 5X greater.

Q: How do these people sleep at night?
A: Very comfortably, on pillows stuffed with cash.

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