Every NHL Player Stood for National Anthem During Season Restart, but 4 Kneel This Week

Most NHL players are charting a different course from other professional sports, the NBA, MLB, and NFL, which have embraced kneeling in support of “Black Lives Matter” and social justice. Most players on the ice have chosen to stand, but not all. On the ice, not one player knelt for the anthem during the League’s […]

NFL Player Stephon Tuitt Refuses to Kneel, Says ‘I Will Not Let Those Individuals Steer Me’

With the 2020 NFL preseason underway, the often-explosive issue of players kneeling during the national anthem is again smoldering. While MLB and NHL players were seen kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter, Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive end Stephon Tuitt is making it clear that he won’t be. Last week, the Florida native posted his picture […]

The Left’s Spastic Gyrations On Police And Race

Creaky Nancy Does A Chauvin Imitation It isn’t unusual to see perfect synchronization between Democrats and the media. A new day, a new set of rehearsed phrases. It began years ago with “the walls are closing in,” and “the beginning of the end,” and lately it’s been “Trump lied, people…
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New Video Appears to Show Three Police Officers Kneeling on George Floyd

New video posted on social media appears to show three Minneapolis Police Department officers kneeling on George Floyd during his arrest. Previous video from eyewitness Darnella Frazier showed Floyd, 46, being knelt on by one officer—Derek Chauvin. CNN has not been able to locate the person who shot the new video. The new video shows […]