“The Next One”: A Truly Creepy Bill Gates Moment

Bill Gates. Image: YouTube

Everyone’s favorite non-scientist is back in a new interview. Bill Gates, the cutthroat businessman who magically turned into a nice guy philanthropist, has something on his mind. Yes, the man whose many investments in pharmaceutical companies that are somehow all related to COVID-19 has spoken.

And what Gates had to say is chilling. Watch the video below.

The interview is from June 28th, 2020. Gates and his handsome wife Melinda spoke to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and in a long-ranging interview, shared their thoughts about pandemic preparation, what we’ve learned, and what to expect.

“We’ll have to prepare for the next one,” Gates says as he fails to fight off a coy smirk, “That, you know, I’d say is, will get attention this time.”

Gates has dismissed the “conspiracy theories” surrounding his overnight rise to the role of vaccine specialist, despite not having a medical degree or even a PhD in virology (like his friend Tedros Ghebreyesus of the WHO). But these are trivial concerns to Gates.

In the accompanying clip from the video above, Stephen Colbert interviews Gates, who floats a vision of a bio-terror attack. He then says, “Most the work we’re going to do to be ready for Pandemic Two–I, I call this Pandemic One…”

Wait, what? So the man who stands to profit greatly from a vaccine that he has been instrumental in developing, the man who gave presentations last year on how a coronavirus might affect the globe…is now predicting a bio-terror attack that he has already named?

Stock up on nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) gas masks, folks. No N95 nonsense.

And never mind this bit of creepiness. Yes, that’s Gates subbing in for Tom Hanks in his Saturday Night Live recurring character, David S. Pumpkins. The year: 2017.

Draw your own conclusions.

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